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What is SatAdd®?

How bad do you want your customers to find you?

How can we help you to ensure your customers find you fast?

Conventional methods of using Street Directories and Satellite Navigation methods have disadvantages.

SatAdd® makes using Satellite Navigation Systems easy and convenient.

SatAdd® makes the data entry to Satellite Navigations Systems so much easier and faster.

SatAdd® is simply a satellite addressing system which incorporates the use of specific data which is unique to that location in order to denote that location. Hence by simply entering this address (SatAdd®), which is unique to an exact location, in a Satellite Navigation Device, the device will be initialized to guide the user to that exact location.

What does the future hold for our subscribers?

We are working on methods and devices enabling our subscribers to affect the entry by means of SatAdd® converted into a “Bar Code” and/or any other electronically scan-able / Readable code which may be entered into a Satellite Navigation Device equipped with a scanner. The SatAdd® converted to such Code and displayed on Business Card, Advertising Pamphlet, entry in white pages, yellow pages, business directories and such like may be swiped or held against the Device scanner at which point ,the Satellite Navigation System will be initialized to guide the user to that exact location. This is just as simple as what you have witnessed many times at a check-out counter of a supermarket or a grocery shop. It can’t get any simpler can it?

What are some of the advantages of joining the SatAdd® movement?

We do not wish this to happen to anyone but just imagine how you would feel if you encounter an emergency situation and you need to get to a Hospital or a Police Station quickly. Would you have the time or presence of mind required to enter the name of the Suburb, name of the Street and the Street number into your Satellite Navigation Device? There is every chance that the panic will set in and most people lose the necessary focus required to do this. With SatAdd®, however, all is needed is a simple process of entering the unique SatAdd® into the Satellite Navigation Device (and in a near future swiping the coded card against the scanner of the Satellite Navigation Device) and “Hey Presto”, the Device is ready to guide the individual to the Hospital or Police Station. Imagine how easy and convenient it is to have the SatAdd® for emergency locations like Police Station, Hospital and so on printed on Fridge Magnets and stuck on your Fridge Door at home where you can access them fast.

Likewise, let’s say you need to make a call for Ambulance Service, Fire Brigade or Police. Wouldn’t it be much faster, convenient and more efficient if all you needed to provide was your SatAdd®? The service provider would be able to pin point your location and get there fast by simply entering your SatAdd® into their Satellite Navigation Device and attend to the emergency promptly. No chance of taking the wrong turn, enter the wrong street and not being able to find the house number in the darkness of the night. This process would be even simpler if you have stored your SatAdd® on your Cell Phone in which case you can text the data to the service provider.

Tell me more about SatAdd®

SatAdd® is the way of future but is available today. It is the easiest way for anyone to reach its desired destination or for anyone’s location to be reached by others fast and with ease. Whether you run a retail outlet, a recreational centre, a Government Department or a Private Business who need your clients to find you fast or, whether you are an individual who wishes to reach any of the above mentioned locations with ease and fast, then SatAdd® is the only way.

If you want people to find you fast, all you need is to acquire your unique SatAdd® from us and have it displayed on your Business Card, Website, Advertisement, Pamphlets, Bill Boards, your entries in White Pages, Yellow Pages or other Directories so that you can be found by your target clients.

To find a location using SatAdd®, all that you need is a Global Positioning System (GPS) Device capable of receiving SatAdd® data. Just enter the desired SatAdd® in the GPS device and the system is ready to go.

If you have a coded SatAdd® for your desired destination then you will need a GPS device equipped with SatAdd® Scanner (coming soon). In this case, all you need to do is swipe the coded SatAdd® against the device scanner and the system is ready to guide you to your destination. It is as easy as that.

Interested? Then what are you waiting for? Contact us for further information and set the scene to join the growing number of people and businesses who are subscribing the SatAdd® way.